One More Show Added

I am happy to announce that Rerun Design has been chosen to be a vendor at the upcoming Shepherd of the Lake 2015 Holiday Craft Fair!

Can phone
image provided by Gratisograhpy

The craft fair will take place November 14th, 2015 from 9:00-4:00. The show will be held at Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church in Prior Lake, MN. For additional information please visit click on the following link SOLLC Craft Fair.

It appears that all my worked putting together a presentation packet for Rerun Design paid off. I was accepted to participate in the both shows I applied to. Now I need to get busy sewing for the shows.

Accepted for upcoming show!

I am happy to announce that I will be a vendor at the upcoming Eden Prairie Lioness Arts & Craft show this fall. I received notice yesterday that my application was accepted!

Craft show display 4

The show is November 7th at Grace Church and is from 9:00-4:00. I have participated in the show in the past and it is a very well done show with lots of vendors and shoppers. For additional information please visit their website Lioness Art & Craft Show.

Best Foot Forward

This last weekend I undertook the task of assembling a presentation or media kit for Rerun Design. I was undertaking this task because I was submitting my application for a few local arts and crafts shows. I knew I was already submitting my applications late, which should have been in a month ago. This meant that I needed to present my company in the best way possible.  I am late to the party on these applications because I was not planning to attend any shows this winter, but my husband was caught in company downsizing and I need to bring in some extra income.

Since I have never created a presentation kit for my business, this had me searching for idea and ideas on a budget. After much searching I decided on a layout and design. In my kit I would include; about Rerun Design, about me, company info, product photos and setup images from previous shows. The company info would include my website, Facebook page and Etsy store address and reviews. I found that the information and images I was including covered most everything the show promoters were requesting.

craft show presentation kit

Now I had all the info, but what about a creative way to present all the information. A paperclip holding the papers was not creative. I came across an image from someone else that they had used a retro style fastener folder and that seem like the perfect idea. I designed and printed all my pages in a way that would allow for each topic to be seen once they were fastened in placed. This would give whoever would read the kit an easy way to access the information they are looking for.


Craft Show Presentation kit front
Presentation Kit Front
Craft Show DIY Media kit
Presentation Kit Inside

Hoping that I am accepted to the upcoming shows!


For additional ideas-

20 Example Media Kits

Not Yet! I am not ready

I am not ready for fall and I wish summer would stay around for a little longer!

This weekend was a reminder to us in Minnesota that fall is right around the corner. The temps we in the upper 60's and strong winds. This is also reminder that summer vacation is ending soon and school is starting. The start of the school year this year has my baby starting full day preschool this year. With my baby starting preschool and the oldest starting his last year of middle school has me feeling mixed emotions about summer coming to an end. I am very proud of all my boys have accomplished, but I would like a little more summer time with them. But as we all know, we can't stop the clock and we need to keep moving forward. 



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Each Friday I will be offer one item in my Etsy shop at 50% off.

This Friday it is a child's apron. 

The apron I selected is made from an upcycled pillowcase and features a cute counting sheep pattern. The apron normally sells for $15.00, but today only it will be $7.50.

Pillowcase Apron

Sale Apron

Up and Running

I am happy top announce that after some hard work and fighting with technology, I have my blog back up and running!

vintage radio
Photo by Gratisgraphy

I am sure some of you are wondering why I took my blog down for a few months? The simple answer is, time and costs. This spring I was given the wonderful opportunity to return to my previous employer as a sales manager. Changing jobs and moving into a manager roll required much of my time. It been a few months, I have settled into my roll and love it!

The second answer to this question was cost. With the new promoting changes this last year on Etsy, it had me reviewing my marketing costs. Every small business owner knows that you need to promote your products, but you also need to make sure every dollar counts.  I was spending more promoting my items on Etsy then I had on the past and I need to cut my costs somewhere. The Etsy stats were not showing  much traffic was being driven to my Etsy store by my blog, but I was wrong. Once I shut down my blog, my Etsy store traffic and sales slowed.  Lesson learned, my blog does send more traffic to my Etsy store than I had thought.

Staring my blog up again gave me a chance to edit and remove past posts and give it a new look. I hope you enjoy my new look and I look forward to sharing my life as a working women, mom, wife and small business owner.