We make old look new!

Rerun Design was started because of the my love for vintage fabrics. I had a large collection of vintage fabrics that I had collected over the years and I needed a way to put the fabrics to good use. I wanted others to enjoy them as well. So, I took my love for vintage fabrics & sewing and created "Rerun Design".

You might wonder how the company got its name "Rerun Design"? I felt the word "rerun" explained how the fabrics and vintage items were being given a second chance to be enjoyed again. The definition of rerun means to run again.

Rerun Design is dedicated to sharing upcycled finished items and vintage materials for others to use in their creations. In my Etsy store you will find both vintage items that have been untouched for you to create with or items that have upcycled into something new.

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