If you have someone in your life who loves whales this is great gift idea for them. In this post, I will have instructions for both a plush whale and a whale applique pattern.


Materials Needed-

1- 8"x8" piece of knit fabric for whale applique 

1 - Plain Onesie

2- 14"x14" pieces of fabric for plush whale. I like to use two different patterns or textures.

Fiber Fill

Black embrodery thread for sewing the eye on the applique

Whale Applique


Appliqued Onesie

Step 1 - Cut small whale from small piece of fabric and one from interfacing 

Step 2 -  Iron interfacing to wrong side of whale

Step 3 - Iron whale right side up to front of onesie

Step 4 - Stitch around entire perimeter of whale, I like to use a straight stitch and leave the edges raw

Step 5 - Once everything is stitched in place iron over entire applique to ensure everything has adhered

Step 6 - Stitch on eye on in embrodery thread. 

Plush Whale Pattern

Plush Whale Toy

Step 1- Cut 2 pieces of larger whale pattern in fabric. I used two different patterns. I like to use a chenille or flannel to keep them soft and fuzzy.

Step 2 - Pin right sides of whale together, leaving a 2" opening on the bottom for stuffing and turning right side out.

Step 3- Stitch around whale perimeter, remembering to leave an opening for turning right side out and stuffing. 

Step 4- Turn Whale right side through opening you left

Step 5 - Stuff with fiber fill, I like to stuff it loss to keep it extra soft for an infant

Step 6 - Hand stitch opening on bottom closed 

Print pattern on a 8.5"x11 sheet of paper and the pattern shoud take up most of the page when printed.

Free Whale Toy and Applique Pattern